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2081 Center St
Berkeley, CA, 94704
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Providing tax planning, return preparation, and advocacy for members of alternative communities, including sex workers, pro-dom(me)s, exotic dancers, burlesque performers, kink retailers, sex-positive professionals, sex educators, polyamorous families, and LGBTQ+ individuals.

We at Safeword Tax Service are proud to work with members of alternative communities, including pro-dommes, exotic dancers, burlesque performers, kink retailers, sex-positive professionals, sex educators, polyamorous families, and LGBT individuals and couples.

Starting a New Business?

When forming a new business it's always wise to have a tax adviser in your corner. We can help you determine which type of business will provide you with more flexibility, tax advantages and efficiency in terms of record keeping. Knowing this information before registering with the state will help to optimize your tax returns during the early years of your business. As an attorney who is very familiar with business law, Christopher Kirk can even help you with the necessary registration paperwork as well as audit negotiations should the IRS come calling.


Complex Income Situation?

Many small firms are reluctant to advise people stuck in challenging legal situations. Our team has a wealth of academic and real world experience. We welcome complexity, and our clientele includes individuals in all of the following situations:  

  • US citizens who are living abroad or have foreign income

  • Foreign individuals working in the US

  • Income from multiple states

  • Divorce and legal separation

  • Rental like-kind property exchanges

  • Military personnel

  • Registered domestic partnerships

  • Polyamorous family structures

  • Small business owners

  • Maintaining trusts and estates


Too Much at Stake?

With a successful career comes a great deal of accounting responsibility. As the net worth grows and your assets become more sophisticated you may feel like the annual tax filing process is too overwhelming. Generic tax software is fine when you're young with no real estate or savings, but a larger portfolio warrants more expertise. You've worked diligently for these assets so it's critical that we protect them from excessive taxes and potential audit nightmares. We can help you take full advantage of the available deductions and provide valuable insights when estimating future tax liabilities. Meeting deadlines and maintaining proper records is also made easier with a professional adviser. When you have the same tax accountant from year to year the tax preparation becomes much more efficient and thorough. Let us provide some peace of mind during the growth process.